SAIC MG E-motion Concept‘s World Premiere, MG ZS Liverpool Version’s Tribute to the Legend 2017.04.19

With the imagination to pay tribute to the future, with the legendary to pay tribute to the legend! In April 19, MG new electric supercar concept - MG E-motion Concept has its world premiere at the 17th Shanghai International Auto Show. At the same time, the hot-selling "Legendary Intelligent Car" MG ZS also launched its new Liverpool customized version, which was unveiled by "Red Army" legendary star Ian Rush, making the life with "real-time online" Intelligent car even better; besides, the launch of Liverpool versions of famous MG GS and MG GT have made young people’s driving much more passionate. Each MG model represents the trend and classics specifically created for youth of that time. As Wang Xiaoqiu - General Manager of SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle said on news conference, MG is committed to manufacture fashionable car for young people in recent 100 years. Currently available MG ZS and MG E-motion Concept is not only to satisfy youth’s needs with perfection and create classics with concentration, but also to demonstrate new innovative products of SAIC Motor. Along with several generations’ changes and development, MG brands will always keep pace with the needs of youths.

MG E-motion Concept’s World Premier, Featuring Good-looking, New-energy and Internet Idea

Each generation of young people has its own understanding and pursue. As hundred-year brand, MG is always driving young trend with its fashionable car and dipping into the future together with the youth. Brand-new MG E-motion Concept has not only borne MG’s new design direction of sensibility and SAIC’s advanced new energy and internet technologies, but also provided youth with prospective experience constantly. Named with the design idea of “Sensibility”, MG E-motion Concept has collected MG’s brand-new design idea essence. Dynamic and elegant body proportion and back position of A column make car head much more slender; classic sportsback style just outlines the posture of double-door sports car, paying tribute to MG’s hundred-year legend. Auto front grille adopts splendid LED starlight matrix design and headlamps also inherit MG’s typical design elements of London Eye; besides, being well arranged and full of future awareness, vertical tail lights have constructed the aethetic taste throughout the ages. In addition to foreseeing the appearance structure, MG E-motion Concept is also equipped with a series of “Black Technology”. Based on SAIC new pure electric modular architecture platform, MG E-motion Concept features less than 4s acceleration of 100km and over 500km driving mileage, which is not only to offer manipulation fun, but also assist youth in realizing their dreams of sports car with meaningful clean energy. Besides, equipped with intelligent interconnection system, MG E-motion Concept is able to comprehensively satisfy the youth’s Internet demands when driving, responding drivers’ expectations for future drive and encountering the future from innovation.

Specialized in Creating Classics for Youth, Sold Well Since Launch and Fully Opened for Liverpool Version

In addition to MG E-emotion Concept, MG is specialized in fulfilling youth’s needs perfectly. After being recognized as “the first intelligent SUV exclusive for young people”, Liverpool version of MG ZS has been formally exhibited in Shanghai Auto Show and unveiled by “Reds” legendary star Ian Rush