SAIC MG brand new SUV named as MG ZS to debut at the Guangzhou Motor Show 2016.11.09

On November 9, SAIC Passenger Vehicle announced that its brand new MG compact Internet SUV is set to its name of “MG ZS” and released the official pictures. It is reported that world premiere of MG ZS will be launched at the Guangzhou Motor Show on November 18.

The name MG ZS itself implies the younger generation. The letter Z represents the personality label of enthusiasm and liveliness of young people, the young people of "Z generation" living in the Internet age, who are eager to embrace the new technology. As an Internet SUV focusing on young people, MG ZS is an interpretation of the exclusive and real life attitude of the younger generation, and it could be a stage for them to show their unique character. Thus, it will become the preferred SUV for young people.

MG ZS will be equipped with 16T and 1.5L engines based on "world class" SAIC NET BULE technology. Wherein the 16T engine adopt the most advanced technologies such as In-cylinder central direct injection and turbocharging technology, with displacement of merely 1.0L while the maximum power of up to 125 horsepower, and peak torque reach 170 Newton meters. Its power performance is superior to that of 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, achieving the best performance among the same level engines while maintaining low fuel consumption; As for 1.5L engine, the maximum power is 120 horsepower and peak torque 150 Newton meters.