MG launches its newest model The MG360 across the GCC region 2017.08.14

The MG 360 road show in UAE started in mid-July, with a campaign run under the slogan “Dream Bigger” highlighting our how spacious it is, making it the most spacious in its segment.

The road show starts in the UAE and then rolls out across, Bahrain,Oman and Kuwait.

Offering a natural, exquisite design, a range of intelligent features and impressive interior flexibility and space.


The MG 360 embodies the brand’s ambitious and exciting new approach, allowing potential customers across the Middle East who might otherwise be unable to envisage owning a new car, to dream big and enjoy the experience of driving a stylish, well-equipped, modern model, with prices starting from just US

The model is finally on sale across the GCC and on a great deal too, 6 Years Warranty, 0% Down payment, Free Insurance, Free Tinting for the month of October. 

This road show has been a part of a series of activities that has been taken place from the beginning of the year.

With many promotions, activities and chances to win MG hopes to continue to give the costumers what they look for by ‘Making the Difference’