Entry-level that packs a punch, the new MG3 debuts at the Chengdu Auto Show 2017.09.04

On August 25, the new MG3, an "entry-level Net sedan", was unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show. Built on a fantasy-adventure theme that celebrates youthful bold and passionate love, the aesthetics of the new MG3 center around "great looks, great drive, great fun". MG exists to build cars for the young, and close on the heels of SAIC’s Smart-Internet strategies, MG continues to improve its car models with the goal of creating a sublimely fun Net-car experience for more consumers.


One by one, various MG models were unveiled, capturing attention with youth-based connectivity. The popular MGZS, MGGS Net versions have brought new fun for owners whose hearts will race when the ultimate nationwide Internet challenge opens soon in China.


Great looks, great drive, great fun. The new MG3 definition for "entry-level premium"


To be young is to be different. As another "Internet masterpiece” from MG, the new MG3 is a response to young drivers’ rising demands for entry-level cars. Riding on the unique "Great Looks, Great Drive, Great Fun" concept, the new MG3 is designed for the young who pursue style and a great time with the promise of an exclusive connected driving experience. The MG3 is more than just a transportation tool, it’s a lifestyle. Great aesthetics both inside and out are complimented by added safety, a new definition for entry-level sedans.


The Internet is fun. The MG3 is the only car in its class equipped with an Internet system. Users can look in on their car anytime with a mobile phone, even when miles away. "Hands-free" operation allows control of navigation, music, and the sunroof, and in complex road situations, drivers can focus on driving, and driving in style. For car enthusiasts, the MG3 has a special "super team" function that enables drivers to exchange information with teammates in real-time. On top of that, features like a food map, convenient Alipay compatibility, and infinite system iterations help to create a more relaxed driving experience.


It looks great. As the second production model from MG’s "sensuous designs" series, the new MG3 includes a sporty star shield bumper, huge London headlights for a streamlined look, thunder tail lights that look like a lightning streak across the sky, and a 16-inch dual-color aluminum body. The exquisite finishes will get the looks that young consumers yearn for.

It handles well. The new MG3 uses SAIC’s "blue core" high-efficiency power technology. Even as it inherits MG’s "high speed, steady controls, stable bend" control features, it sips just 5.6 liters of fuel per one hundred kilometers. Easy to drive, easy to get used to. In addition, the new MG3 has the widest body and largest interior in its class. Its industry-leading configuration includes a unique 8-inch high-definition touch screen, direct tire pressure monitoring, reverse parking video and radar, and an air-conditioning system that filters out PM2.5 particles. This configuration sets the standard for an exquisite drive experience that adds to the driver’s safety, health, and comfort.

From MGZS, the "First Net SUV for the Young", to the new MGGS Net version, to the new MG3, MG has always dedicated itself to creating cars for the young. Now it’s determined to build Web-savvy cars that deliver the ultimate driving experience. Moving onwards with a young heart, MG aims to create even more solid Net driving experiences for the young. MG will go with the trend, drive the trend, and lead the trend.