New MG6 hit the market with advanced interconnectivity that makes complete steering possible 2017.11.06

The King returns! Morris Garages (MG), the global leader in driving cutting-edge interconnectivity technology of vehicles, comes back to the market ambitiously with its highly anticipated brand new model MG6, also billed as "Vehicle with the Best Performance" on November 3 in Nanjing.


This time the MG6 manufacturer offers MG fanatics a guided price of 96,800-132,800 RMB with three mind-blowing advantages: Free Service For Life for Internet vehicle base flow; 3 Years of Zero Interest-rate policy for the whole of the MG6 series; what’s more, every purchaser who picks up his vehicle before December 31 can enjoy halved purchase tax of any vehicle model of the MG6 series. That means the actual payment of a new MG6 could be as low as only 94,800-129,800 RMB, which is a truly nice surprise to excite young MG fanatics.


MG6 acts as the spokesperson for the apex of the era

As the first mass-produced model of SAIC MG E-motion concept car, the brand new MG6 is taking the prominent lead on the market with its "stunning appearance, fastest speed, powerful interconnectivity, and optimum configuration". MG6 deserves the honor of "Vehicle with the Best Performance". It is designed for the energetic young generation accustomed to the intelligence of Internet and those whoever hold positive attitudes towards life, as well as those who are fascinated by the strong sports passion and unparalleled charm that only MG6 possesses.


MG6 has the most stunning appearance

The brand new MG6 has a sports car gene inherited from Europe. Its unrestrained shape and the tactile quality of the paint surface that belongs only to luxury cars has created a kind of breathtaking beauty whether when it’s static or in motion. Familial star-splendor saddles horse & shield grille and a puma’s shoulder line are well-matched with its hatchback design. The pushed down car head created a "sense of subduction" that reflects the desired potential force of the new MG6. The rare all-LED headlights and progressive steering lights bring resplendent brightness for day and night. The widest car body of 1848mm width and super-long 2715mm wheelbase space, which is also rare to see from that of other vehicle brands, create a majestic domineering atmosphere. Besides, with sports wheel-hub from Bridgestone tire company, MG6 can provide its owners with a gorgeous feeling of driving the race course.


MG6 has the fastest speed

The new MG6 is powered by SAIC Motor NetBlue blue core technology. SGE 20T engine can produce the maximum power up to 169 horsepower and the peak torque of 250 Nm. Equipped with 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission of high efficiency and dual-clutch automatic transmission wheel-hub configuration, MG6 managed to make full use of the “6-second level assembly and meter-level braking system”. Fuel consumption less than 6L per 100 km utmostly eases the burden of driving. MG6 adopted aviation-grade aluminum front McPherson independent suspension with a rear-blade multi-link suspension to further create an immersive sense of control. Chassis adjusted by the international experts group and the XDS electronic differential lock applied in each vehicle of the whole MG6 series make cross turning even more pleasurable. The configuration of the gear shift paddle and the exhaust deep roar also enable driving to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


MG6 adopted the most powerful Internet system.

The unrivalled "Interconnection Intelligence Driving" Internet system enables new MG6 to realize so many "amazing technical functions", such as the big data smart navigation system, intelligent voice service, and smart refueling and parking service, etc. You can check the car condition thousands of miles away on your mobile phone at any time. Moreover, during driving, you can enjoy other functions such as "hands-free" voice navigation, music playing, and opening sunroof to make yourself feel at ease when focusing on driving in complicated road conditions. More powerful and useful services will come soon with the update of the system. There’s much more to expect!


MG6 has the best configuration.

The brand new MG6 is leading among its competitors in terms of the generosity in car body size and inner space. On top of that, the car is installed with the best configuration including unique 10.1-inch HD touch screen, 7-inch interactive virtual instrument panel, dynamic reversing image, and iTPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system as well as other 18 high-end devices. MG6 is the embodiment of our unchanging objective, that is, to make the high configuration of other bands our standard configuration. The all-round updates of active and passive safety system give extra credit for high performance, attractive appearance, intelligent Internet and luxurious experience.


Enjoy pure pleasure when surrounded by MG6’s best mechanism and unparalleled interconnectivity

The marketing hitting of the brand new MG6 not only brings a heart-beating nice car to the market, but also proves that MG, the century-old international brand, now returns ambitiously. SAIC Motor ranks 41st among the world's top 500 enterprises and No. 1 in China’s auto enterprises and never stops driving for excellence with its outstanding capability in system development and integration.


The perfection of the new MG6 is a salute to our era. With the market hitting of MG6, MG will undoubtedly return to the center of the world stage. Surely, there’s going to be much more advanced technology and exciting updates in optimizing driving experience for MG fanatics to expect in the future.