MG brand new X-motion Concept SUV is coming 2018.04.12

Today, a brand new concept SUV of MG is officially named as “MG X-motion Concept” and its first batch of design drawings also comes to light. It uses MG’s new Emotional Design language with the theme of “moving hormone”. MG X-motion Concept, among mainstream SUV models, is the first SUV applying pure shape surface design and the pioneer SUV abandoning shoulder line. Serving as the “Team Captain” of MG brand, it will provide the youngsters with great passion of selecting such a sports SUV in the market of homogeneous SUV. It is learned that this concept SUV will make Global debut on the 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that the Emotional Design language applied to MG X-motion Concept has already captured the hearts of young people all over the world in the field of passenger car. Once being unveiled, MG E-motion Concept, the European pure-electric concept sports car applied MG Emotional Design language, was highly praised by the media home and aboard. After new MG6 has set off an Emotional Design trend in the field of passenger car and won the honorary title of MG “hero car”, MG X-motion Concept and its mass-produced model definitely will present the MG fans around the world with a brand new choice of sports SUV and continue to lead MG to capture the global SUV market.