MG X-motion Concept SUV Named MG HS for Mass Production 2018.06.20

Today, the brand new MG concept SUV MG X-motion Concept is named MG HS officially for its mass production. A sketch of the product is exposed. It’s said that the new model will be launched in the second half of this year.

The “H” in MG HS is a symbolization of the MG brand’s always YOUNG spirit in its hundred years, implying that the model, as a “running Hormone”, is capable of continually challenging and overpassing itself with “Hale” explosive power. This “Hysteric” passion, just like the light of “Heyday”, will promote the arousal of hormone powerfully to attract you deeply into it.

The “S” in MG HS indicates “5Ss multiplied to ignite feelings with all senses”——“Sense” multiplied by “Super”multiplied by “Satiated”multiplied by “Smart”multiplied by “Social”igniting the hormone instincts and displaying all the extreme potential of MG. It will become a competitive standard for SUV market and a young specimen re-defining the time and the trend.

The SUV which arouses hormone definitely has its striking beauty. Concept model almost equals mass production. The design diagram shows that MG HS highly restores the concept of the brand new concept SUV ——MG X-motion Concept which is displayed at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show as its global debut. MG HS applies the sensual design language of MG brand, themed on “running Hormone”. It is the first SUV among the world’s mainstream SUVs which applies purely surface design, and the first SUV which applies light-shadow shoulder line design.

It can be foreseen that, after its launch, MG HS will “punch” the current homogenous SUV market heavily, fully unleashing the youngsters’ passion in driving with artistic new experiences.