MG HS equipped with BOSE audio electronics, 1.19m2panoramic sunroof、12.3-inch virtual dashboard! 2018.07.02

"Hormone SUV" boasts more highlights with a new round of amazing configurations.

Today, part of configurations and HD pictures of MG HS have been revealed, with Stellar Field grille, upmarket BOSE audio electronics paralleling to that of luxury cars, large 1.19m2panoramic sunroof and 12.3-inch high-tech all-LCD virtual dashboard. The sensitive design delivers beautiful appearance with a great audio&visual experience, which will trigger vigor and fully reflect the absolute glamour of the "Running Hormone"—MG HS.

MG HS enjoys a wider and more concave Stellar Field grille peculiar to MG family, creating a gravity-like attractiveness, a metaphor for its strong performance. The wheel hub with sharp line revitalizes MG's centenary race gene. The sensitive curved body of 360°is like sweat coming out of muscles, speeding up your heart.

BOSE audio electronics used to be installed in luxury brands build a "luxury private mobile music hall" exclusively for MG HS now.

Equipped with 8 speakers and 1 subwoofer, MG HS has experienced the precise localization for over 1000 different positions of speakers and numerous acoustic calibrations to ensure that every listener will perceive the vibration of sound wave; HI-FI level sound effective with 1:1 acoustic reproduction provides a "wide range" of listening from classic music to rock music and soft to strong, easily making your ears exciting and bringing a stimulating drive experience.

The 12.3-inch all-LCD virtual instrument dashboard triggering your desire to drive immediately offers 4 theme colors and dynamic effects (Eco, Normal, Sport and Super Sport) which can shift seamlessly based on driving modes, spark your passion for driving, and show the youth's nature.


The awesome, attractive 1.19㎡panoramic sunroof boasts large opening area of 0.51㎡. MG HS constantly exceeds your imagination by integrating the external sensual world.

Emotional design, fascinating appearance, 2720mm wheel base, hunting eye-type all-LED headlamp and amazing audio&visual equipment, MG HS, the most expecting SUV in 2018, is being launched to the world. How the "always YOUNG" passion and surprise that MG HS will bring to the consumers, please look forward to much information revealed!