“Hormone SUV“ MG HS launched 2018.09.16

“Hormone SUV" MG HS, which increasingly gains attention, has been launched in Chongqing, China, on September 16. Nine models with the swept volume of 2.0T and 1.5T an MSRP of RMB 119,800-189.800 have been released, delivering youth, sports and passion and creating a new age of Hormone SUV by the unique " Performance + Intelligence" label.

At the launching ceremony, Wang Xiaoqiu, the deputy president of SAIC Motor and general manager of SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co., expressed that over 90-odd years, MG only provides the cars which young consumers can afford. with luxury sense and economical price, MG HS is fit for the pursuit of young people, thus enabling them to afford and drive happily. Under the guidance of the“Four New Trends” Strategy of SAIC, the strategic SUV, MG HS, not only represents the world leading Internet car but also boasts the same appearance of pure profile design with Porsche. It excels other cars on the same level in terms of dynamic performance while equipped with such luxury equipments as intelligent AWD system sharing the same supplier with Land Rover, full-range standard " turning master" XDS and BOSE audio electronics, offering a new sensual experience in vision, hearing, smell and touching. This strength that can be compared with the world mainstream SUV gives MG HS the courage to go globally.

There are many splendid moments on the launching ceremony where the air ballet, vertical dance and 3D light show were presented in the magical city of Chongqing, making the launch of MG HS more exciting. Meanwhile, some fashion brands including Coco Cola and Paul Frank established " Hormone League" to give a support with the live broadcast of all major media platforms, making the popularity go through the roof.


For nearly a century, having created 43 world speed records, MG brand has a famous label of race gene. As the brand's strategic model, MG HS tops others in terms of dynamic performance. All its models of 30T are equipped with the newly calibrated high-performance turbocharger of 2.0T Trophy, with running 100m within 7.5s and 36m braking distance, while the mainstream SUV at the same price can only provide small-displacement engines; its models of 20T, equipped with 1.5T engine, significantly excels the models at the same price, even reaching the level of 1.8T engine.

Currently, the modeling of almost all SUV has been homogenized, boring consumers. With attractive car body, MG HS actives your desire of drive immediately: As the first mass-produced mainstream SUV with pure profile and a light shoulder line, MG HS well enjoys an appearance with a sense of advance, being the subject of photography. In addition, hunting-eye type all-LED head lamp first adopts the double-color LED technology, combining the function of timing illumination of turn light and dynamic welcome light, making young people to enjoy the sense of shinning and technology.

MG HS is equipped with supreme BOSE audio electronics, hormone scent system, a 10.1-inch suspension-type touchscreen, a 12.3-inch interactive virtual dashboard, color-changing interactive mood lamp, racing car-level integrated sports seats and 1.19㎡ panoramic roof, which enable young people to afford and enjoy an exciting driving experience.

The pricing idea of MG is making it economical and pragmatic because it only produces the vehicles which young consumers can afford over a century. Dedicated to creating dream cars of "Performance and Intelligence" for young people, the international development of MG brand has maintain a rapid and stable momentum. In recent years, with the support of SAIC's “Four New Trends” Strategy, the fashion cars of MG including MG3, MG ZS and MG 6 are well sold around the world, of which MG ZS has won several champions of its segment in global market like British, Thailand and Australia". MG's good reputation accumulated in the global market for a century and the popularity of the current models will contribute to the following global launch of MG HS.