MG EZS, the first all-electric SUV satisfying global standards, is launched to the market 2019.04.01

On March 30, in Starbucks Reserve, Beijing Fang, Qianmen Street, Beijing, “MG EZS, the first all-electric SUV satisfying global standards” was launched officially to the market! As the most advanced new energy model of SAIC Motor, the all-electric MG EZS has vigorously boosted the implementation of MG’s global new energy strategy and SAIC Motor’s internationalization strategy by practicing the same standards worldwide in quality, performance, intelligence and environmental protection. Carrying forward MG’s century-old spirit of being always YOUNG, MG EZS comes with three major features of “instinct arc”, “brain circuit” and “shock wave”; upon the 0-50km/h acceleration of 2.8 seconds, MG EZS delivers an impressive power performance and is “2 seconds faster than the models of the same class”. In the meantime, having passed the extremely rigorous certification of E-MARK, REACH and other European regulations, MG EZS is “Going Global” with great confidence.

The newly launched MG EZS involves 4 models and the first 10,000 buyers will enjoy a time-limited immediate subsidy of RMB 10,000. Upon the subsidiary, the national unified retail price will be as low as RMB 109,800-139,800. MG has also presented a privilege-based car purchase program (also called as Privilege 999), namely RMB 99,900 to buy a European pure electric SUV and RMB 999 per month to rent a battery!

In addition, the buyers of MG EZS can also enjoy multiple benefits, such as warranty on electric drive, electric battery, and electric control of 8 years/150,000km, battery attenuation<30% within 8 years/200,000km, free basic traffic and basic service for the internet model throughout the service life, and zero interest for one year!


Quality speaks for itself! Stand the test by European criteria & regulations and practice the same standards worldwide

Going global as a representative of SAIC Motor’s most advanced new energy technology, MG EZS brings about the global same quality of “double insurance” of national and European standards to the customers. After satisfying the domestic standards, MG EZS, as the first pure electric SUV in China that passes the certification of E-MARK, as well as complies with REACH (a European regulation), UL2580 battery safety standard (an authoritative standard of USA), and IP67 standard (the highest grade in dust- and water-proofing for civil use), has “armed itself to the teeth” with a series of advanced technologies and set up a quality benchmark to subvert the market pattern of pure electric new energy vehicles.

The quality experience from actual driving lies in the technologies of “electric drive, electric battery, and electric control” of the new energy and MG EZS is also highly satisfactory in this respect. With the battery temperature control system of “water cooling + electric heating” adopted, the battery can always run at an appropriate temperature to secure both safety and efficiency, even when the vehicle is used in an extremely cold/hot environment. In the meantime, thanks to its full compliance with UL2580, IP67 and other battery safety standards, MG EZS, having a measured wading depth of 1075px, can easily handle the road of rainstorm and waterlogging. Moreover, MG EZS is also provided with the energy recovery and range extension system, namely S-Pedal Mode, which has never been found in the models of the same level at home. Covering nearly 100% of commonly-seen road conditions, such mode can guarantee that the actual endurance range will not be discounted while reducing the energy consumption by 5%.


Second-to-none performance! Supported by “instinct arc” and enriched by appearance and speed

If it is said that the “obsession of good looking” is an instinct of young people around the world.MG EZS, featured by outstanding appearance, will greatly comfort you with “Copenhagen Blue”, an international color for new energy, which, in conjunction with the body of “E-motion” design, embodies a stylish and cool temperament of youth, sportiness and passion.

By instinct, MG EZS caters to the needs of young people and hits it off with the young people worldwide! To satisfy the young people’s pursuit of speed and high performance, MG EZS, carrying the latest sports-grade high-performance motor of SAIC Motor and taking one step ahead of the industry to adopt the Hair-pin winding design, can produce a maximum power of 110kW in an instant, output a peak torque of 350N·M, and achieve a 0-50km/h acceleration in 2.8 seconds, 2 seconds faster and several times cooler than others! As the “strongest all-electric hot hatch” in the world, MG EZS is to lead a “flying life” together with the young people.


Intelligent interaction! Impressive online and offline “shock wave” and fabulous pure electric experience of “MG YOUNG”

Buying a car means only a start. The whole set of “MG Performance” activities in the young community is beckoning to the owners of MG EZS!

MG has always been very serious in fun making and engaged in creating online and offline immersive interactive experience to stir up a young “shock wave”. In MG Trophy League (a driving camp), the MG owners hit the real track; in the series of owner activities of “MG Racing in Zhuhai”, the MG owners played cool and enjoyed themselves to the full; MG Carffe, White Paper for Internet Celebrity Shop, Hormone Factory and other stylish games have turned foodie, drama queen/king and Internet celebrities into “loyal followers”. MG, being always YOUNG, can always “read” the desire of young people and “touch” each other.


There has always been only one criterion to be applied in communicating with young people, that is, “mind connection”! When the domestic and overseas markets are gradually stepping into the “synchronous mode” for development of new energy vehicles, the high quality that is truly universally acceptable will be the strongest competitiveness. Embracing the same quality standard worldwide, MG EZS is sending a “connection signal” to the world. It is believed that, after being launched to the market of UK, Germany, Australia and other countries/regions, MG EZS, by virtue of its high appearance attractiveness, high performance and high quality, will win praise from more consumers, thereby enhancing MG’s global competitiveness.