MG 6 XPOWER TCR Shanghai Auto Show World Premiere Price 100,000 Euro 2019.04.16

0-100 KM of acceleration within 6 seconds, 5 seconds, 4 seconds, three high-performance models, the same speed belief, MG is so fast! On April 16th, the Shanghai Auto Show MG booth, MG's high-performance models are unveiled. Following the innovative development strategy of SAIC Group " Four New Trends"- Electrification, Intelligent connectivity, Sharing and Globalization, inheriting MG's always YOUNG instinct, the opening ceremony of the MG's 95th anniversary returned to the track - MG 6 The XPOWER TCR racing model ushered in the world's premiere debut, with the excellent performance of "4 seconds to break 0-100KM acceleration", the aggressive look with British green paint, showing the British origination and track genes, and the price of 100,000 Euro makes you more excited. The other two new models: 2019 MG6, 2019 MG6 NEV debut at the same time, the abundant “Standard” equipment greatly satisfied the audience’s needs, and will lunch on April 27, at the SAIC International Circuit MG Live! Event.

Not only launch the new car, MG brand first exposed the MG XPOWER high-performance sports department, and announced that it will gradually introduce higher-performance production models to build up the brand name of high-performance, making performance into a daily instinct. MG Carffe offers you the moment of enjoyment, while MG professional racers ignite your passion for sports. A variety of interactive experience makes MG booth turn into an exclusive stage for young people.

A hundred years of faith of speed, MG offers young generation to feel the speed of pleasure!

MG, who has been chasing speed for nearly a hundred years, is launching a number of high-performance models in 2019, with more speedy and better performance one than another. The newly upgraded 2019 MG6 not only meets the "strictest" China 6 emission standards, but also "0-100km acceleration less than 6 seconds". The new model provides superior equipment beyond the same level in terms of sports and comfort. It brings dozens of “over-the-class” equipment including leather steering wheelXDS corner dynamic control system and direct tire pressure monitoring. Comfort, technology and safety wise have been improved. A number of original modifications have been made for fans who love to the tuning: open and close sports exhaust, blackened sports kit, BOSE sound system, to meet all you need of speed performance Quality.

2019 MG6 NEV model reaches 0-100KM acceleration within 5 seconds, equipped with SAIC Motor "Net Blue " 1.5T high-performance engine and the new 10-speed EDU second-generation intelligent electric gearbox. It has a comprehensive maximum of 305 horsepower and a comprehensive maximum torque of 480 Nm. At the same time it is dynamic, smooth and economical with increased reliability. There is also a full set of sports kit and 18-inch blackened wheels, assisting the "most beautiful new energy car", to satisfy the young people with ultimate driving control and speed pleasure.

Moreover, MG6 XPOWER TCR with “4 seconds from 0-100km acceleration" as the opening master of MG return to the track, just as a "British bullet" spurt out. It is equipped with a high-performance 2.0T turbocharged engine, equipped with an X-Trac six-speed sequential transmission, with Preload adjustable differential lock and shift paddles, with a maximum of 350 hp and a peak torque of 460 Nm. This high-performance racing car will definitely be the star of the show. The price of the MG6 XPOWER TCR is announced on site, and we believe that it will soon be able to see it on the global track.

In addition, 2019 MG6 and 2019 MG6 NEV will be officially launched on April 27 MG Live!. The two models will be in front of the SAIC International Circuit and in front of MG fans from all over the world. MG Live! The world’s biggest fan party will return to China for the first time. The scene will be spoiled and worth looking forward to.


MG XPOWER high-performance sports department exposure, millions of bonuses to support the young people’s dream of track!


MG XPOWER TCR version marks the memorable moment of MG back to the track. MG XPOWER's high-performance sports department and future product planning will also surface.

The establishment of the MG XPOWER High Performance Sports Division is based on the MG's Centennial Track Gene. The future MG models will strengthen its speed totem, high-performance instinct, and launch a series of higher-performance production models, bringing a more ultimate driving experience to young consumers who enjoy the pleasure of speed.

At the same time, along with the MG XPOWER high-performance sports division, there is also the exciting MG XPOWER reward program, which provides benefits for young people on the dream track. For those who use the MG TCR racing car or modified car to participate in the award-winning players and teams, MG will provide a generous reward with a total prize of more than 10 million yuan. MG brand will accompany global young generation to win the dream of the track, pursuit of speed limits, and salute to the mentality of always YOUNG.

The faith of speed, 100-year of track gene, MG is glowing powerful energy on its 95th anniversary. 0-100km acceleration exceeding "6 seconds, 5 seconds, 4 seconds", which announcing its unparalleled performance characteristics. MG XPOWER high performance sports division launched the MG6 XPOWER TCR, and the upcoming high-performance sports coupe 2019 MG6 series, will also bring a higher quality of driving experience for consumers who love speed and pursue fun of driving. At the same time, MG and the young people have a carnival at the SAIC International Circuit F1 track, the 71st MG Live! Event will also be first time in China! MG will launch more high-performance products to create young people's dream car with the fastest speed, the strongest power and the most appealing looking, so that young people can release their boundaries and enjoy fun of driving.