SAIC Motor Shown in 2019 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition 2019.04.16

At the Shanghai Auto Show, SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (hereby shortened as SAIC Motor),gathers its self-owned brands and JV enterprises and presents more than 130 new cars (including over 10 first launched models) and over 20 core components in Hall 1, Hall 3 and Hall 5.2 with an exhibit area of over 20,000 square meters. As the 5G era is coming, SAIC takes the lead in launching the world's first 5G zero-screen smart cockpit ROEWE Vision-I concept car; the first "SPV" intelligent active interactive car of a new category becomes the best carrier for 5G traveling scenarios. Meanwhile, SAIC joins hands with China Mobile, Huawei and Shanghai International Auto City at the Automakers' Conference, aiming at building China's first “5G Smart Transportation Demonstration Zone”. The Chinese auto industry has thus opened a new chapter in “Cars Connect Everything, Travel Smartly and Smoothly”.

As a Chinese car maker with the most complete industrial chain and the strongest comprehensive systematic strength, SAIC's exhibits can be described as “a dazzling array of cars with distinctive features”: Here one can get a pleasant glimpse of high-end cars with luxury models and mid-level coupes with sporty styles, powerful heavy-duty trucks and new energy-saving and environmentally-friendly energy sources cars, popular Internet cars and C2B smart manufacturing cars, traditional national super cars and forward-looking driverless cars, technologically savvy concepts and  classic vintage cars. Behind the strong exhibiting lineup are the unremitting efforts of SAIC Motor to comprehensively promote innovation and transformation in the R&D, manufacturing, user and market sectors.

New Energy and Intelligent Connectivity  

SAIC Motor is the only automaker in China with three technological routes of BEV, PHEV, and FCV, and the core technologies of “battery, electric motor and ECU”, with more than 20 new energy products launched till now. As to the pure electric vehicles, BEV intelligent coupe Roewe Marvel X, BEV wagon Roewe Ei5, BEV SUV MG EZS, BEV middle-class SUV Maxus D60, first BEV sedan of SAIC Volkswagen e-Lavida, BEV 4-doors coupe concept vehicle of SAIC Volkswagen Skoda VISION iV, SGM BEV multi-functional sports hatchback Buick VELITE 6 are presented on the show. As to the PHEV SUV, plug-in strong hybrid SUV Roewe eRX5, plug-in strong mixed car Roewe ei6, PHEV SUV Roewe eRX5, PHEV sedan Roewe ei6, PHEV sedan MG eMG6, Tiguan L PHEV, Passat PHEV are also presented on the stage. As to the fuel cell vehicles,  SAIC Maxus FC G20 FCV chassis represents the "Chinese power" in the field of global fuel cell technology.

As for intelligent Internet connectivity, SAIC and Alibaba had launched the new automobile category of Internet vehicle for the first time in the world. At present, SAIC's Internet car sales have already exceeded 1 million. In this exhibition, self-owned brands Roewe, MG, and Maxus will bring about many new products of Internet vehicles; SAIC Volkswagen and SGMW will also present Internet vehicles including Skoda Octavia, Baojun RS-5, etc. Meanwhile, the autonomous car independently developed by SAIC has accumulated a test mileage of more than 110,000 km, including over 8,000 km of the open road test. The Roewe Marvel X Pro has been able to achieve the autonomous parking and pick-up by the vehicle under low-speed unmanned driving conditions, and it is the world's first mass production model to achieve the L3 intelligent driving.  

Intelligent Manufacturing

At the exhibition stand of SAIC Motor’s self owned brand Maxus, all models of Maxus including all-around family travel MPV G50, middle-class SUV D60, MPV G20 can be customized through “Spider Smart Choice". This is the achievement of SAIC Motor's active pilot to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing and the transformation towards digitalized, Internet-connected, intelligent and customized manufacturing methods.

Every vehicle will have a different set of components under the C2B large-scale customized model “based on user demands”, while users of SAIC Maxus can choose hundreds of thousands of different configurations on the “Spider Smart Choice” intelligent selector. By the end of last year, a total of 978,000 users have made 11.68 million selections. The first large-scale customized SUV model, Maxus D90, directly linked to and interacted with more than 2.5 million “fans” through the Internet platform, involved users to deeply participate into 6 major sections of product definition, development, pricing and configuration selection, allowed users to take control of the consuming process, realized the personalization of products and satisfied diversified individual demands. 


Recently the world's first all-new C2B customized factory – SAIC Maxus Nanjing factory was officially put into production. It supports the production of more than 1,000 versions of models.

Mobility Service



In exhibit hall 1, Chexiang, EV Card and Xiangdao jointly established the SAIC Mobility exhibit stand. The first one-stop full lifecycle O2O e-commerce platform in China’s automobile market, the world’s largest NEV time-share rental company and the strategic brand of SAIC mobility will present together to the audiences on the big vision of SAIC’s big platform of mobility service.


In recent years, SAIC Motor has laid out business of NEV time-share rental of EV Card, automobile service of Chexiangjia and car hailing service successively, focusing on “intelligent mobility of human, convenient service of vehicle and efficient flow of goods”, merged HOAU to expand the express and logistics business for public services, initially realized the “direct link” with users and built up millions of user contacts and over tens of millions of service times.

At present, EV Card has entered 64 cities, with 45,000 vehicles and over 90,000 orders per day. The automobile after-sales service brand——Chexiang Home, has 2,500 stores in 130 cities across the country, and successfully built a “3km community service ecosystem”. In the short period of only four months of operation, Xiangdao's number of registered users has exceeded 1.2 million while their accumulated travel services  have exceeded 2.4 million times and user satisfaction as high as 96%.

SAIC Motor has also established the first AI laboratory in the automobile industry, which will conduct real-time analysis and deep mining of massive data to realize the intelligent planning and matching of mobility requirements and offer more convenience for the movement of human, vehicles and goods, to continuously improve customer experience of mobility services.


International Business

MG ZS, an internet SUV, MG EZS, the BEV SUV, Maxus V80, an internet wide-body van, Maxus T60, the popular pickup in Australia and New Zealand, are the major products SAIC Motor has launched in the overseas market.

Up to now, SAIC Motor has entered more than 60 countries and regions. It has built up 3 vehicle production bases in Thailand, Indonesia and India, 11 regional marketing and service centers in ASEAN, Europe, South America, Middle Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, etc., and 3 R&D centers in UK, US, etc., over 10000 vehicles were sold on 6 overseas markets respectively including Thailand, UK, Indonesia, Chile, Australia and New Zealand and the Middle East. In 2018, SAIC's overall overseas vehicle sales exceed 277,000 units, up 62.5% YOY and maintain the first place in China.  

SAIC has launched the first Internet model MG ZS equipped with i-smart connectivity system in Thailand, which has gained attraction among young Thai consumers and ranked the top in its segment. In this March, the first BEV MG EZS meeting global standard was successfully launched in China and will initiate global sales soon. Thereby, SAIC’s technological advantage in Internet and new energy is gradually overflowing to overseas markets.

In addition to the passenger cars, in the joint booth of SAIC Commercial Vehicles in Hall 3, the latest products such as SAIC Datong, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Nanjing Iveco, SunWin Bus, SDEC, SFH's motor homes, light bus, pure electric intelligent logistics vehicle smart cars, tank integrated tractors, new energy light trucks, new energy vans, multi-purpose passenger cars, smart buses and energy-efficient diesel engines will also be unveiled. In Hall 5.2, Huayu Auto will exhibit core components in the lightweight, intelligent and electrified field.

Looking into the future, SAIC Motor will accelerate the promotion of  the innovative development of “4 new trends”, namely “Electricalization, Intelligent Networking, Sharing and Internationalization”, and strive to become a comprehensive supplier of mobility services and products with global competitiveness and influence  so as to meet the diverse needs of consumers and create more value for them.